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Adventures ahead

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Instead of introduction.

When I am thinking about my creative process and all these years I have spent on painting there is one word that always comes to me - adventure. Since the very beginning.

As adventure I consider something that happens but you do not really understand it. Not only you don't understand what it is, but you don't know why it happens, how, what for? But it happens. It is really happening.

What? Basically I am talking about the pictures that come/appear to me and 'want' to be painted/materialized. How they appear, how they change in time, how sometimes they come back etc.

Where? On my canvas, on my paper; in my head. And I think in all this is also involved a place outside my world. Or a thing that is from somewhere else, which I am unable to name. In the end this is what the adventure is about - being outside your known reality. Dealing with something unknown.

I have been painting almost every day for the last 5 years and for me it still feels strange talking about the 'pictures that appear in my head'. I know how it sounds. Crazy? It does. For me too. But this is the base and reason of my work, so if I am supposed to write about my painting this subject is inevitable.

As said - adventure is something you don't really understand. So it is in my case.

During past year I have been doing writings about what happens trying to get some conclusions. Did I manage? Few small conclusions - probably yes. But mostly it is about asking myself questions and triyng to find answers. So rare to get ones. But writing also became an adventure. From being on top of a mountain and seeing everything clearly to getting lost in a dark labirynth.

I decided to make some of my writings public. Why? Maybe good idea to answer next time.

No plan. Possibly sometimes I will publish some of the things I have written months ago.

I wanted to say that I prefer to write about current events but... in art everything is so strangely interconnected that I truly doubt in the linear concept of time in this context (another subject to think about).

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